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—— Biological ——

Biomix® Aerator

This aerator is dedicated to petrochemical industry, with material of PP and cast steel, which is designed to overcome aging problems due to the oil. The cover plate will fall down automatically to avoid sludge getting in when aerator stops working.

Biofix® Biofilter

A kind of biofilter adopted with irregular crushing media, the large specific surface area lead to a large biomass per unit volume. A variety of forms and combinations like carbonization, nitrification and denitrification. We make the filter plate with the method called Two Step ,it can ensure the flatness and reduce the construction difficulty, shorten the time limit.

Biomoving® Moving Bed Biofilm Reactor

BFR is a kind of modified MBBR, which is usually designed when the biochemical system is reformed, the water capacity can be expanded under the condition that the original tank capacity is not changed, and realize the upgrading of COD, NH3-N, TN and TP index with Turboflow Charifier.

Biofix® NDN Biofilter

Biofix®NDN is a technology combined two types fixed bed biofilter with different media specific gravity. Irregular sintered filter materials with specific gravity greater than 1 is used for carbonation and denitrification biofilter, it is designed with air-water combined backwash; medias with specific gravity less than 1 is used in nitrification biofilter, with gravity washing, and simple pipeline design. Different biofilters adapt to different biochemical processes, we can realize the maximum optimization of investment and operaten cost.


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