Commissioning of NDN process is completed for fushun project


In April 2017, the NDN process of CNPC Fushun project was finished commissioning with the total nitrogen index reached a stable standard of less than 10mg / L.

The first-phase sewage treatment plant of the CNPC fushun chemical was put into operation in October 1990. After years of operation, the effluent ammonia nitrogen can basically meet the standard discharge but the index of COD, TN and SS cannot meet the requirements of Liaoning Province's Comprehensive Wastewater Discharge Standard (DB21/1627-2008).

In view of the water quality problem, Hanqi provided the solution as followed:

1. Applied NDN package for TN removal;

2. Applied Turboflowcarb process for SS removal and ensure COD meet standard.;

3. Make full use of the exiting tank for less investment