HANQI won the bid of Shenyang WWTP upgrading project


Xiannvhe WWTP with capacity of 400000 T / D is a key project of Shenyang and  has been highly concerned by by government officials. Considering the environmental requirements, the treated water need to be up to level A from level B which described in “urban sewage discharge standard (GB18918-2002)”. 

Large capacity and high difficulty

 As a solution provider, Hanqi is responsible for pretreatment, biological treatment and advanced treatment which including reconstruction and new built projects, involved 118 biological filters and 8 sedimentation tanks. The WWTP plant capacity is 400000 T / D and will served 800000 people around there.

 Land saving

Land occupation limited is the one of the main problems for municipal WWTP. Hani proposed intensive solution with footprint of 10 hectare which less than 40% of land saving compare with the other equal capacity plants.