HANQI won the award of “Leading enterprise in industrial park water treatment”


On May 27, E20 Research Institute announced the award of “Leading enterprises in industrial park water treatment” , HANQI was the 5th time on the list. Meanwhile, we got another title of "Annual benchmark enterprise for petrochemical wastewater treatment" due to achievements in petrochemical industry. That is the great encouragement and support for us.


HANQI has more than 50 patented technologies independently which develops  20 processes and core technologies to deal with vary of wastewater and provides the customized process to help customers solve problems under the principle of low energy consumption, land saving and cost reduction, so as to achieve carbon peak and neutrality targets.

Key projects are shown as follows:


1. 20million T/a heavy oil processing sewage treatment project of Guangdong petrochemical

--  It is the cooperation projectsbetween China and Venezuela;

--  The highest environmental protection standards in China shall be implemented;

--  There is no lifting in the whole process  for saving energy consumption;

--  There is no deep foundation for less civil work;

--  Ensure that the petrochemical base to be the "No. 1 project" .


2. Gulei petrochemical WWTP

--  Adopt three-dimensional and intelligent PID design, which is the first applied  in petrochemical industry;

--  To build an intelligent and digital sewage treatment plant;

--  Play an exemplary role in building a digital sewage plant for the industry.


3. Huizhou Daya Bay Mobil Oil sewage treatment project

--  It is the first petrochemical project invested by ExxonMobil in China;

--  Project includes wastewater treatment, sludge treatment and odor treatment;

--  Help Huizhou to build a world-class green and ditital petrochemical base.

With the mission of "applying innovative technologies to achieve low-carbon environmental protection", Hanqi will continue to develop the new technologies from downstream to upstream to dicreate more value for customers.