HANQI successfully signed the contract of mobil Huizhou WWTP


Beijing Hanqi Environmental Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as: HANQI) and Huizhou Daya Bay Qingyuan Environmental Protection Co., Ltd.,(hereinafter referred to as: QINGYUAN) successfully signed the "Huizhou Daya Bay Petrochemical Zone Comprehensive Sewage Treatment Project Contract. That is the second cooperation between the two parties.

The owner and the partner highly praised HANQI team with strong design capabilities, rich experience and spirit of excellence, and hard work, and dedication.

Mobil Huizhou Chemical is located in Huizhou Daya Bay Petrochemical Industrial Park. Wastewater discharged from the plant includes production wastewater, circulating cooling water, brine wastewater, etc., and is transported to the WTP. The treated water need to be reused more than 60%, RO  concentrated brine are discharged to the sea; the waste gas treatment reaches the standard and the sludge needs to be dewatered for volume reduction.

Work efficiently to win high praise   

Before the signing of the contract, Mobil Huizhou, QINGYUAN and HANQI conducted full and in-depth communication on business and technology for half a year. On the eve of the National Day, the principals of the tripartite teams held a process review meeting at Hanqi Dalian Design Center. 

After two days of communication, they finally reached an agreement on many technical details. The owners of Mobil and the participants of Qingyuanhighly recognized the comprehensive design capabilities and rich engineering experience of the Hanqi team, and expressed admiration for their work style of fighting tough battles.

Review the history with the pearls shining

All the projects obtained are like bright pearls strung together throughout the development process: Sinochem Quanzhou project, as the first pearl, pointed out the development direction; ZPC projects  demonstrated technological innovation and project management capabilities; CNC Jieyang project was the first project to win after competing with foreign giants, and Hanqi also took this opportunity to become the first echelon in the field of petrochemical water treatment; Dalian Changxing Island Petrochemical base project opened the prelude for Hanqi to expand the chemical industry park market; Russia and Mobil Huizhou projects were gaining favor of foreign customers. Those cases have undoubtedly affirmed Hanqi's outstanding technical capabilities, and also strengthened Hanqi's determination and confidence to continue to focus on the petrochemical wastewater industry.

Ten years of work to build the leading brand of petrochemical water treatment. 

HANQI has been focusing on petrochemical market for more than 10 years and got nearly 100 projects served customers such as Sinopec, Sinchem, CNPC etc.

The recognition by Mobil is another masterpiece of the company to serve foreign customers after winning the Russian coal chemical project. The acquisition is a milestone which not only marks a breakthrough in the petrochemical industry for foreign customers, but also further consolidates the leading position.

Hanqi will face the huge market opportunities and challenges while the international oil companies planning the Chinese market,

Technological innovation to the world stage

As the only technology company with full-process technology and Class-A design qualifications in the field of petrochemical wastewater treatment,  Hanqi adheres to the development concept of steady progress and spirit of overcoming difficulties, pursuing excellence to achieve a combination of points source treating and comprehensive treating, of upstream and downstream as well as of chemical process and water treatment process, to realize low-carbon environmental protection with innovative technology towards the world stage.