2021, cheers for every extraordinary of you


We know that 2021 is still an extraordinary year. Since many unstable factors impact the domestic market economics, the overall situation of the environmental protection industry is not optimistic as well. However, Hanqi stands on a new starting point in the face of adversity to start a new journey.

1. Liberate ourselves and develop potential

Hanqi continues to optimize internal management and successively established Hanqi chemical company and Hanqi Dalian Branch, continues to cultivate the chemical industry, expand business scope into industry park, especially participate in international cooperation with the key partners.

In general, 2021 is a critical year, really a transformational moment, Hanqi has fully demonstrated its confidence and determination to be a world-class enterprise.

2. Strictly control the design progress

In the design process of Russia coal chemical project, facing the tight design progress, Hanqi completed all design tasks in a very short time and was the first to obtain code 1 certification. The efficient work and professional attitude have won admiration and praise from the customer and and partners; similarly, the Mobil project was completed with high quality as scheduled as well.

3.Key projects went smoothly

It is the project implementation year for Hanqi that several important projects have entered the implementation stage such as Jieyang petrochemical, Zhoushan petrochemical phase II, Gulei petrochemical, etc.

Commissioning of secondary sedimentation tank and biological tank for Zhouhan petrochemical phase II


Zhoushan phase I has been in normal operation, but phase II is facing the problems of tight delivery due to the COVID-19. The execution department cooperates with the procurement department to optimize the procurement process, flexibly adjust the procurement order and reasonably control the implementation progress. As the project manager Cao Tongbin said, although the project is difficult, we must live up to the trust of the owner and ensure that the project is delivered on schedule.

Gulei petrochemical project is in the final stage of installation.


The on-site Engineer is strictly controlling the project quality to ensure the smooth progress of follow-up work.


CNPC Jieyang project is being installed methodically


For each Hanqi employee, the high-quality consciousness is rooted in the heart and the professional spirit and service concept run through the project, which all come from the persistence and dedication to the work. Hanqi employees who are still working hard during the COVID-19 are worthy of praise and applause!