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Coal-to-Chemical Industry


"Shortage, Large Consumption, Zero Liquid Discharge Requirement" decides "water" to be one of the restrictive factors of Coal-to-Chemical Industry. Hanqi company has comprehensive problem-solving ability to provide technical services that match customers' requirments.

First of all, we emphasize the effect of pre-treatment like oil removal, fluoride removal, hardness removal and ammonia distillation etc. We need to define the characteristics of inlet water, and verify problems and methods through experiments, so as to achieve accurate parameter control.
Secondly, we focuse on upgrade and reform demands like standard rising and capacity expansion, each of the unit technology chose in the programme has the characteristics of high efficiency and low land occupation, which is suitable for old factory with the land situation like tense, fixed and difficult to move. 



Coal Gasification Water Treatment


1, Oil and Turbidity Removal


V-Flow® Circular Oil  Separation Tank

Different from traditional API type, V-Flow® adopts the mode of central water inlet and upward flow, which makes an uniform distribution and efficient separation. A scraper is used to clean up sludge down to bottom and dross up to surface. Oil Content: inlet<800mg/l, outlet<100mg/l.



Two-stage  Oil Removal

For heavy oil, traditional methods are difficult to work because of the small oil-water density difference. Magflow® Loads flocs onto the medias(magnetic powder), greatly enhances the separation of oil and water, and overcome the problem above effectively. 
The light oil are removed by Unibub® technology, with higher dissolved air pressure(6bar) and proprietary releasers form perfect bubbles of 30um to 80um, so as to  improve efficiency. The releaser is installed outside the tank, maintenance free. Full automatic control is designed to avoid workers contacting the harsh operating environment. 


Fluoride Removal

According to different coal types, the gasified washing water contains high content of fluoride element sometime, we can remove it by dosing lime and DeF® into Turboflow®F Charifier. 

Expansion and Reconstruction


BFR® Moving Bed Biofilm Reactor

BFR® is a kind of modified MBBR, which is usually designed for reconstruction of biological system. We can expand the wastewater capacity without changing the original tank capacity, and upgrade the index including COD, NH3-N, TN and TP to a higher standard.



Tri-Clean® Process (COD Removal)

When biological reaction is not working thorough or the content of hard COD is higher, it becomes a tough problem to deal with. we combine Oxymax® and Biofix® Technology, the pre-ozone unit converts refractory COD into BOD, and Biofix® follow-up undertakes BOD removal task, then the post-ozone will oxidize away the rest COD. "Three-stage" makes an effective use of the best ozone reaction points, so as to get the minimum dosage and an optimal cost.

Biofix® NDN Biofilter(TN Removal)

Biofix®NDN is a technology combined two types fixed bed biofilter with different media specific gravity. Irregular sintered filter materials with specific gravity greater than 1 is used for carbonation and denitrification biofilter, it is designed with air-water combined backwash; medias with specific gravity less than 1 is used in nitrification biofilter, with gravity washing, and simple pipeline design. Different biofilters adapt to different biochemical processes, we can realize the maximum optimization of investment and operaten cost.

Pretreatment of ZLD System 

Turboflow® Clarifier(Hardness and Silicon Removal)

Turboflow® works by reacting with hardness and silicon in water by adding magnesium agent and lime,and removes it by forming coprecipitation


Hardoff® Two-stage Process(Hardness Removal)

Hardoff® adopts two-stage hardness removal technology, the first stage is Booster® softened clarifier, which can remove most of the hardness, and the second stage uses Turboflow®H Clarifier as the hardness precision processing unit.


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