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PetroChemical Industry

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—— Refinery and Petrochemical ——

Large-scale and Full-process

As the key project of Zhoushan Green Petrochemical Base, it's sensitive site selection leads to a very strict environmental protcetion requirements. Hanqi provides two lines of full-process programme of WWTP including oily wastewater and high salty wasterwater. The project fully embodies the advantages of Hanqi as "shorter process, less land consumption, lower operation cost and faster reaction".


Technologies: V-Flow® Oil Interceptor, Unibub® Dissolved Air Flotation, Turbomix® A/O, Turboflow® Clarifier, Ozone Oxidation, Biofix® Biofilter, Uni-Fil® Filter




WWTP of Zhejiang Petrochemical Project 



WWTP for Panjin Northern Asphalt of CNGC Group


Heavy-oil and Full-process

There are three difficulties in this project: firstly, Full-process capacity expansion and transformation; secondly, heavy oil in the water that is difficult to separate; thirdly, poor biodegradability,high water emission standards.

We solve above problems by using following technologies: V-Flow® Circular Oil Interceptor, Unibub® Dissolved Air Flotation Unit, Turbomix® Biological System, Turboflow® Clarifier, Ozone Oxidation, Biofix® Biofilter, Sludge Dewatering, Odor Treatment

RO Brine, Tight Emission Standards

Including pretreatment, membrane system and RO brine treatment. The membrane pretreatment includes oil removal (Unibub® Dissolved Air Flotation Unit), hardness and silicon removal (Turboflow® Clarifier), COD removal (Biofix® Biofilter) and turbidity removal (Uni-Fil® Filter). Membrane system is UF+RO. The RO brine treatment system is designed to reach class IV emission standard, with core technology package: Turboflow® Clarifier, Ozone Oxidation, Biofix® NDN Nitrogen Removal Process, and Activated Carbon Filter.

WWTP for CNPC Huabei Branch


—— Unit Process ——

Oil Removal for Sinopec Maoming Branch


Preatment as Oil Removal 

Different from traditional API type, V-Flow® adopts the mode of central water inlet and upward flow, which makes an uniform distribution and efficient separation. A scraper is used to clean up sludge down to bottom and dross up to surface. Oil Content: inlet<800mg/l, outlet<100mg/l.

Hard COD

"Three-stage" makes an effective use of the best ozone reaction points, so as to get the minimum dosage and an optimal cost. By adding catalyzers, the oxidation reaction is accelerated and the mass transfer speed is increased, which can effectively reduce the ozone consumption.

WWTP Upgrading for CNPC Fushun Branch(COD Removal)  



Removal of total phosphorus

Turboflow® removes phosphorus by chemicals adding method, on the other hand, large, dense and uniform flocs are formed through the forced circulation of sludge system to realize rapider separation of muddy water. After long-term monitoring, the effluent total phosphorus content is stable below 0.3mg/l.

Total Nitrogen Removal

Regarding the upstream and downstream process, we propose the following transformation programme: using Biofix® NDN process to remove the total nitrogen to the standard; using Sandflowcarb® to ensure SS and COD stably; making full use of the existing wastewater treatment plant's catch basin, digestion tank and biochar tower, and saving investment. Through continuous monitoring, the total nitrogen content of effluent is stable below 10mg/L.

WWTP Upgrading for CNPC Fushun Branch

WWTP of SINOCHEM 12000kta Refinery in Quanzhou


Tertiary Treatment + Salty Water Treatment

Hanqi has signed continuous contracts for Sinochem Quanzhou Petrochemical Company, including tertiary treatment, standard raising of high salty water and start-up cooperation. In the tertriy treatment scheme, a number of special technologies or combinations including Turboflow®, Oxymax® and Biofix® are used for remaining hard COD, SS, TP and TN after biological treatment unit. The high salty water coming from RO system, desulfurization and denitrification devices is treated by Biofix® NDN process with special high salt tolerance bacteria.

Capacity Expansion and Reconstruction

With the expansion of Yan'an refinery, the wastewater plant also needs to be upgraded. However, the surrounding area of the factory site has been fixed, it is impossible to increase land occupation additionally. Then the owner chose BFR® process developed by Hanqi to double the scale on basis of the original land occupation.

WWTP Upgrading for Yanchang Refinery