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Coal Industry

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—— Coal-to-Chemical ——

Fluoride Removal

Tianji Chemical adopts Lurgi Gasifier for coal gasification, the fluorine-containing in the wastewater is higher than 80mg/L. Through Turboflow® defluorination reactor , the downstream emission requirements can be met. The challenge of the project is that the reactive precipitate CaF2 is difficult to form flocs, which requires careful control of parameters and make full use of forced circulation technology to increase the chance of flocs collision and adsorption.

Fluoride Removal Unit of Shanxi Tianji Group


Oil Removal Unit of Xinjiang Yihua Chemical Co., Ltd



Oil and Turbidity Romoval

The low and medium temperature gasification process of Yihua Group makes the gas washing water high content in oil and suspended solids, and the wastewater usually contains higher and stable emulsified oil. Firstly, appropriate demulsifiers are selected through experiments, and then the Oil-Off® two-stage process including Magflow® and Unibub® is used for oil removal.

TP and TN Romoval

We analyse the final output wastewater's quality of Tianji Group, it contains high salinity and the total nitrogen content is more than 300mg/L, which is severly exceed the limit. According to these situation, The process of Turboflow® Clarifier(hardness removal)+Two-stage Biofix® DN Denitrification Biofilter+One-stage Biofix® CN Biofilter+Flo-Fil® Air Flotation Filter is used for TN and TP upgrading.

WWTP Upgrading for Shanxi Tianji Chemical Group

Pretreatment of ZLD for Inner Mongolia YiTai Group 

Pretreatment of ZLD - Hardness and Silicon Removal

Turboflow® Clarifier integrates functions of coagulation and flocculation, sedimentation, clarification, and sludge concentration etc. With the characteristics of compact design, high surface load, small land occupation and adapt to load changes. In this case, Turboflow® HS process is used to remove hardness and silicon to ensure the safe and stable operation of the subsequent zero liquid discharge system.