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 Municipal Sewage Plant


Strict standard is mainly for indexes of COD, TN, Ammonia, TP and SS etc. For this kind of project, Hanqi focus on two dimensions as water quality and cost, with the target of low consumption and stable.
In terms of water quality, through experimental analysis and verification, we combine sedimentation, biological, filtration, advanced oxidation and other technologies, forming tailor-made programme, and solve the problem of meeting standards.
In terms of operation cost, first of all, combining ozone oxidation with biofilter to play biological functions as much as possible, secondly, the utilization efficiency of ozone is improved by combination of two-stage process and three-stage dosing, so as to achieve maximum optimization.


Smaller amount of COD Removal


Oxycat® Ozone Catalytic Oxidation 

Under condition that the removal rate of front biological section is high and the remaining small amount of COD is difficult to remove, using a further treatment with ozone catalytic oxidation technology can meet a higher standard. By adding catalyses, the oxidation reaction is accelerated and the mass transfer speed is increased, which can effectively help reduce the ozone consumption.

Larger amounts of COD Removal


Tri-Clean® Process 

When biological reaction is not working thorough or the content of hard COD is higher, it becomes a tough problem to deal with. We combine Oxymax® and Biofix® technology, the pre-ozone unit converts refractory COD into BOD, and Biofix® follow-up undertakes BOD removal task, then the post-ozone will oxidize away the rest COD.

Strictest Emission Standard in China


Tetra-clean® Process 

To meet the standard, Tetra-clean®process can be considered. Firstly, Tri-clean is used to remove COD and other biolocical indicators, and then sandflowcarb® unit is designed follow-up to ensure TP and SS. The activated carbon can be dosed Intermittently according to the COD of the input water. This process is especially suitable for the case of industrial park wastewater with refractory chemicals. 




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